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How to Survive in Anglo-Saxon England

Interactive, drama-history workshop.

Want to know how to survive in Anglo-Saxon England? Then you've come to the right place.

Imagining History will teach your students everything they need to know to make it out of the Dark Ages in one piece. Your students will:

  • Learn how to survive and thrive as an Anglo-Saxon peasant, noble and monk.

  • Discover what life as a Monk was like in a Christian Monastery and try to live through a Viking raid.

  • Learn how to farm and grow crops the Anglo-Saxon way.

  • Uncover the secrets behind the Anglo-Saxon conversion from Paganism to Christianity.

  • Join a Fyrd and transform the school hall into a battlefield to learn how to fight in an Anglo-Saxon shield wall.

Imagining History Anglo Saxons
Imagining History Anglo Saxons

Find out what other teachers think of our workshops:

'Overall, very enjoyable. The perfect hook for our Anglo-Saxon topic.'

- Parbold Douglas

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National Curriculum Links:
  • Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms: place names and village life

  • Christian conversion – Canterbury, Iona and Lindisfarne

  • The Viking and Anglo-Saxon Struggle

  • Viking raids and invasion

  • Resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan

Imagining History Anglo Saxons
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