COVID-19 Update

We apologise that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, our Event Workshops and Costume Character themes are currently unavailable to book.

We hope to bring them back to you as soon as possible. For more information, check out our COVID-19 Guidance​.

Events Workshops

We offer a range of sessions for events; including educational workshops, live interactive performances and character meet & greets.

Each of our fully interactive sessions uses a combination of drama-based games, role-play and storytelling activities to immerse your young guests within the historical period and often includes a costume character fitting for the era or theme.

Each session runs for 45 mins to 1 hour (max 3 hours for meet & greets) and is fully flexible to fit your scheduling requirements. Ideal for libraries, museums, historic venues, festivals, school fairs, and more!

Events Themes
Mighty Myths: The Misadventures of Thor & Loki

An UN-traditional storytelling performance.

This live performance combines storytelling, audience interaction and tons of fun with a healthy dose of Imagining History’s trademark wit and humour. Join our Viking Skalds and discover the weirdest myths the Vikings could concoct; be amazed as Thor dons a wedding dress, feel nauseous when Loki’s lying lips are sewn together, cheer when the frost giants are vanquished!

Pirate Storytelling

Meet Anne Bonny, the most notorious pirate to sail the seven seas.

In the dangerous world of pirating, it's important to know your Black Barts from your Blackbeards and your Scurvy Dogs from your Landlubbers. Our Pirate Captain will put your guests through their paces with interactive drama-based activities, storytelling and roleplay to teach them the history of the pirating trade and how to be a successful pirate in this 1 hour workshop.

Drama Workshop
Drama Workshops

Take to the stage for your moment in the spotlight.

Our practitioners will take your guests through the basics of stagecraft and performance in this 1 hour drama workshop, including drama-based activities, improvisation and role-playing games to get their creative juices flowing. Perfect for budding performers!

Available for a one-off workshop or a string of sessions.

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