Mighty Myths:

The Misadventures of Thor and Loki

An UNtraditional Storytelling Performance

The myths and legends of the Viking Gods have been passed down through the generations in poems, sagas and spoken verse. Now Imagining History continue this story telling tradition in Mighty Myths: The Misadventures of Thor and Loki.

This live performance combines storytelling, audience interaction and tons of fun with a healthy dose of Imagining History’s trademark wit and humour.

Join our Viking Skalds and discover the weirdest myths the Vikings could concoct; be amazed as Thor dons a wedding dress, feel nauseous when Loki’s lying lips are sewn together, cheer when the frost giants are vanquished!

Once you’ve heard our Mighty Myths, you’ll want to share them with all your friends.


"We were delighted with the response you received. We were very impressed with your work and look forward to inviting you back again in the near future."


Mighty Myths Thor and Loki

Our Performances:


Our performances are designed to be adaptive to any venue and any event. They are led by two practitioners and can be run with as little as five or up to seventy guests attending (space allowing).

Each performance runs for 45 minutes. We are completely flexible in our approach and we fit our performances around your scheduling needs.

All of our performers are DBS checked and we provide full risk assessments for all our performance upon request.

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