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An Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Viking History Books - Kids, Teens and Adults

Here at Imagining History we read a looooooooooot of history books. We need to, to ensure our workshops and articles are super accurate. It also means we've accumulated a shelf busting library of history books. So, if you're looking to research a particular era, then we have some brilliant recommendations for you.

First up: Vikings. Here's a selection of very entertaining history books to expand your learning. Enjoy!

For Teens and Adults:

Viking: The Norse Warriors Handbook by John Haywood

Why we like it:

If you want to be a Viking then this unofficial handbook is the perfect place to start. Delivered in a fun and informative writing style, you'll learn about the best places to raid, which weapons to choose and how to navigate at sea.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaimon

Why we like it:

Neil Gaimon is a brilliant writer and his version of the Viking myths is one of the best. Equal parts funny and thrilling, there's no more entertaining way to read about the misadventures of Odin and his pals.

Vikings by Neil Oliver

Why we like it:

You've probably seen Neil Oliver on the telly. He's a regular talking head on all those BBC history documentaries. Well, his book on Vikings is fantastic and covers everything you need to know about the topic in a scant 300 pages. Very impressive!

For Children:

Horrible Histories: Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary

Why we like it:

You just can't go wrong with Horrible Histories! This is another brilliant and very accessible read. Filled with hilarious artwork by illustrator Martin Brown, Vicious Vikings is cram-packed with silly trivia.

DKfindout! Vikings by DK Kids

Why we like it:

The DK findout series are filled with bright and bold illustrations, that really brings the writing to life. There's tons of info in here and it's so wonderfully presented that reading it will barely feel like learning.

Vikings Sticker Book by Fiona Watts

Why we like it:

Sticker books are awesome. Which makes sticker books that help you learn about history even awesomer (if that's even a word, who knows?). With 400 stickers, this Viking Sticker book will keep you busy.

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