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Christmas History Quiz - Fun Learning Activity for Kids

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Everyone loves a quiz at Christmas, so we're bringing you this fun challenge packed with facts and trivia to test your knowledge of Christmas history. Take the quiz yourself or put your friends and family to the test.

Don't worry if you're not a Christmas history buff - you'll find all the answers you need in our Christmas articles on the Seasonal category of our blog. If you get stuck, there's links to blogs with the information you need hidden in each question. Just do a spot of research and come back and try again!

You can find a link to the answers at the bottom of this article - no cheating!

Good Luck!

Question 1

What was the name of the Roman festival celebrating the Winter Solstice on the 17th to the 23rd December? Your options are:

A) Floralia

B) Vulcanalia

C) Saturnalia

D) Quinquatria

Question 2

In Icelandic Christmas folklore, what animal was Jólakötturinn, the creature that would gobble up any children not given new clothes for Christmas? Your options are:

A) Dog

B) Wolf

C) Bear

D) Cat

Question 3

In Norse Mythology, everybody and everything loved Baldur (god of light and war) and promised not to harm him. All except for one Christmassy item. What was this Christmas item that proved to be Baldur’s only weakness? Your options are:

A) Evergreen Trees

B) Poinsettia

C) Holly

D) Mistletoe

Question 4

What Christmas tradition was said to be started by Martin Luther, a 16th century Protestant reformer in Germany? Your options are:

A) Christmas Trees

B) Christmas Cards

C) Kissing under the Mistletoe

D) Gift Giving

Question 5

Which British Monarch made decorating a Christmas Tree into a popular fashion in 1846? Your options are:

A) Queen Elizabeth I

B) Queen Victoria

C) Queen Charlotte

D) Queen Elizabeth II

Question 6

What Christmas item did the Vikings supposedly set on fire and roll down a hill during their Yule celebrations in December? Your options are:

A) A Yule Tree

B) A Yule Log

C) A Yule Wreath

D) A Yule Reindeer

Question 7

What does the old Christmas tradition of “Mummering” involve? Your options are:

A) Dressing up in costume and calling at your neighbour’s house

B) Singing Christmas carols with friends and family

C) Using hot spicy cider to help apple trees grow strong in the Spring

D) Hiding a sixpence in a Christmas Pudding

Question 8

Why did the Ancient Egyptians celebrate the “birth of the sun of god” on the 25th December? Your options are:

A) This was when Osiris’ son Horus (god of the sky and ruler of the earth) was born

B) The Pharaoh (considered to be a god in mortal form) would always celebrate his birthday on this day

C) This was the date that the king of the gods, Amun, combined with the Egyptian sun god, Ra, to make the all-powerful deity known as Amun-Ra

D) After days of near darkness, the sun (known as the sun god, Ra) would finally rise above the horizon line

Question 9

In Norse Mythology, which god would fly across the sky on an eight-legged horse, delivering presents to children? Your options are:

A) Odin

B) Freyja

C) Thor

D) Baldur

Question 10

On Christmas Day, Elizabethan families would go outside to play sports. In one popular game, one person would take off their shoes and get chased around by the other players. What animal did they pretend to be when they were being chased? Your options are:

A) A donkey

B) A horse

C) A reindeer

D) A cow


Well done! Click here to head to the answers page to find out how well you've done! Each correct answer is worth one point. How many points did you score?

1 - 3 : Christmas Grinch

Feeling a bit Grinchy? Not to worry, learning is a journey. Why not have a peruse through some of the blogs linked in the questions and then give the quiz another go.

4 - 6: Christmas Novice

Nice! You've clearly been reading up on those Christmas traditions. Now you've learnt more, why not give it another try and earn yourself a new high score?

7 - 8: Christmas Know-It-All

Good job you! You definitely know your holly from your mistletoe. Why not return to the quiz and try to get full marks? That would be something worth bragging about!

9 - 10: Christmas Legend

Whoa! Just like Father Christmas, you are legendary and you know everything there is to know about Christmas. Keep up the good work spreading the Christmas spirit everywhere you go.


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