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Mary Queen of Scots Marries - AGAIN!!!

Headlines from History - 15th of May, 1567

Mary Queen of Scots married James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell on this day in 1567. He didn’t become James Queen of Scots because ‘Queen of Scots’ was not, shockingly, Mary’s surname. It was actually Stuart or Stewart; depending on how good you are at spelling.

This was Mary’s third husband. Her first, Dauphin Francis, went on to become the King of France. Sadly, and rather boringly, Dauphin Francis was not – as his name would suggest – a human/dolphin hybrid. Instead ‘Dauphin’ is a title for those in line for the French Throne. Though confusingly ‘Dauphin’ is French for ‘Dolphin’, so perhaps Francis was a porpoise after all. Either way, he wasn’t King for long, dying rather embarrassingly of an ear infection not long after he was crowned.

Mary was shipped off back to Scotland where she went on to marry her second cousin, Lord Henry Darnley. First off, yes marrying cousins is a bit weird, though I have it on good authority it’s ok if you’re royalty. Because… erm… reasons. Secondly, this marriage didn’t go so well either. Henry died of a tragic accident after his home exploded and he was strangled to death.

Today Mary married the Earl of Bothwell who, probably, murdered her previous hubby. We can only hope the newlyweds share a long and happy life together, bringing each other joy and compassion every day. Spoiler: They won’t.

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