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Our Favourite Famous Vikings - Handy Info for Key Stage 2

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Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson discovering America by Christian Krohg
  • Leif was a Norse Explorer

  • Described as a “wise, considerate, and strong man of striking appearance.”

  • He was famous for being the first European to find North America – 500 years before Chris Columbus – and founding a settlement in Vinland.

Ragnar Lothbrok

  • Ragnar was a Viking Hero and warrior

  • Debate rages over whether Ragnar existed or not, he may have been a legendary figure like King Arthur. He could just be a fictional character based on several people.

  • Fun fact: His surname means shaggy breeches

Harald Bluetooth

  • Harald was a King of Denmark and Norway.

  • He was famous for introducing Christianity to Denmark.

  • Did Harald have a ‘blue tooth’? It may have been a discoloured bad tooth.

  • Bluetooth Wireless is named after Harald, and its logo is the runic symbols for his initials.

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