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Valley of the Kings: What Is It? - A Quick Introduction for Kids

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So you know that Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs liked to be buried in Pyramids. But did you know that most of them were actually buried in a place called the Valley of the Kings?

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The Valley of the Kings

What is it?

A valley that contains 63 tombs of Ancient Egyptian nobles. Some of the tombs are very small, others are super mega massive (pretty sure that's an archaeological term). These super mega massive tombs can have up to 100 underground chambers.

Where is it?

It is situated on the West Bank of the River Nile.

Are the tombs still filled with treasure? We could be rich, rich I say!

I'm afraid not, most of the tombs were ransacked and emptied by tomb robbers long ago.

Which tomb is the most famous?

That would likely be Tutankhamun’s. It was found by Howard Carter in 1922 and contained 5,398 incredible items.

Which other Pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings?

Loads of 'em! Most of the Rameses (there were a lot of those guys!) were buried here, as well as Hatsepshut and Amenhotep 1st. Whilst there might not be any treasure left, Egyptologists can still learn lots about these people due to the fabulous paintings and images on their tomb walls.

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