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Viking Weaponry


Swords are tricky to make and as a result they are very expensive. Only the richest of Vikings (Kings or Jarls) would have been able to own one.

A sword could have the same value as 16 cows, think of the sword as the equivalent value of an Aston Martin today!


Vikings Axes were rarely huge, double handed and double edged. Instead think light and small with a single blade on the head – ideal for speedy attacks.

Due to their size, smaller axes could be hidden behind a shield for a surprise attack.


Most Vikings would have a spear. They were far and away the most affordable weapon and as a result very plentiful.

Whilst archaeologists have found tons of spearheads, no-one knows for certain how long the shafts were!

The sagas and stories of the Vikings are chock full of heroes throwing their spears – a risky plan, if they missed then the enemy might lob the spear back at them.

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