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Ancient Greece: Hero Training

Your students will learn all about the Myths & Legends of Ancient Greece by walking in the shoes of the great Greek heroes themselves. They will:

  • Take on the roles of the key Greek Gods to learn about their devious ways.

  • Interrogate the Graeae with the hero Perseus, on his mission to find Medusa.

  • Slay Medusa before she turns them into Stone.

  • Solve the riddles of the fearsome Sphinx.

  • Outwit the Goddess Hera to complete Heracles’ most challenging Labour.


Find out what other teachers think of our Ancient Greece workshop:

'The children (and teachers!) really enjoyed this. Laura and Adrian were very animated, funny and engaging. I would use it at the start of the topic as it inspired the children.'

 - Lindale CE Primary

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National Curriculum Links:
  • Ancient Greece and their influence on the world through their myths and legends

  • An understanding of Ancient Greece religion and beliefs

  • The legacy of Greek storytelling on Modern Britain

  • Understanding of the characters within Greek mythology and the role they played in Greek society

  • How Myths help us understand the realities of Greek society

  • Who were the pantheon of gods and what does this tell us about Greek society?

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