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Ancient Greece: Hero Training

Interactive, drama-history workshop.
Workshop Summary

Your students will learn all about the Myths & Legends of Ancient Greece by walking in the shoes of the great Greek heroes themselves.

Our practitioners will train your class to defeat Medusa, follow in the footsteps of Atalanta, and save a city from The Sphinx.

The "brilliant pace" of our Award-Winning 'Ancient Greece: Hero Training' workshop will engage, entertain and educate your students by incorporating drama activities, role-play, live performance and storytelling.

This workshop is "interactive, engaging, and best of all funny.” We utilise the structure and interactivity of a drama workshop to bring history to life for all. This technique proves to be "a brilliant way to help children recall key facts and retell myths"

Be amazed as your students use their acting skills to become visual aids and assist in the learning of their peers!

We promise a "wonderful, engaging" workshop for your students.

Half-Day and Full-Day sessions available.

This workshop contains the following historical replicas for pupils to handle:

  • Greek Xiphos Sword

  • Hoplon Shield

  • Corinthian Helmet

  • Sarissa Spear


Find out what other teachers think of our Ancient Greece workshop:

'The children (and teachers!) really enjoyed this. Laura and Adrian were very animated, funny and engaging. I would use it at the start of the topic as it inspired the children.'

 - Lindale CE Primary

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Greek Corinthian Style Helmet
Workshop Activities

In our half-day 'Ancient Greece: Hero Training' workshop, your students will:​

  • Take on the roles of the key Greek Gods to learn about their devious ways. Students will unleash their acting skills to portray Zeus, Athena, Hera, and Hephaestus. 

  • Uncover the wisdom of Oedipus by solving the riddles of the fearsome Sphinx. Can the students out-puzzle our cunning contest to save the city of Thebes?

  • Slay Medusa in an interactive heroic challenge. Everyone can take part and learn the tale of Perseus as they become the heroes and villains from this famous story.

  • Discover what makes a great hero great by re-creating the trials and labours from famous myths and legends. Take on the roles of Atalanta, Hercules (Heracles), and the real-life heroes from Ancient Greece, the Olympic Champions. Students will need all their performance skills to portray these mythological vistas and pass this ultimate hero test.

In our full-day 'Ancient Greece: Hero Training' workshop, your students will enjoy all of the above activities, plus:​

  • Learn the fascinating stories of bonus heroes in our ultimate hero test. Including the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur and the heroic escapades of Jason and the Argonauts.

  • Meet and outwit the Graeae in a puzzle-solving mystery challenge.

  • Take on the role of Atlas to help Heracles to complete his eleventh labour, stealing the golden apples of the Hesperides.

  • Experience a break-out session in which groups will create dramatic tableaux's of their own Greek myths in order to present and perform to their class.

National Curriculum Links:
  • A study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world

  • Ancient Greece and their influence on the world through their myths and legends

  • An understanding of Ancient Greece religion and beliefs

  • The legacy of Greek storytelling on Modern Britain

  • Understanding of the characters within Greek mythology and the role they played in Greek society

  • How Myths help us understand the realities of Greek society

  • Who were the pantheon of gods and what does this tell us about Greek society?

  • The significance of the Ancient Greek Olympics

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