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Hadrian's Wall: What is it? - A Brief Introduction for Kids

Updated: 4 days ago

Hadrian's Wall Facts:

When: Hadrian's Wall was constructed in 122AD

What: It is a huge wall that stretches right across the North of England, named after the Emperor Hadrian.

Why: The Romans built it to separate Roman land in Britain from Scotland and defend it from the attacking Scottish tribes.

How: It took about 15,000 soldiers around 14 years to build the whole wall from stone and earth.

Did you know: The wall is 73 miles long, 3 metres wide and between 3.5 and 6 metres high!

The Structure of Hadrian's Wall:

Forts: There were 16 forts along the total length of Hadrian's Wall. Each were home to approx 600 soldiers.

Milecastles: Were fortified gateways through which soldiers could patrol the wall. Built every Roman mile along the wall. Each Milecastle was home to approx. 20 soldiers.

Turrets: Were tall viewing points where soldiers could keep watch. There were two Turrets at regular intervals between each Milecastle.

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