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Make Your Own Egyptian Pharaoh Cobra Staff - Craft Activity for Kids

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We’ve crafted an Egyptian style Staff that could have been found in a Pharaoh’s tomb. It has a cobra head to show it belonged to a Pharaoh and to provide him with protection. We even added the gold and blue striped Nemes design on the cobra’s hood. What Ancient Pharaoh could resist having this epic relic in their tomb?

How to Make an Egyptian Cobra Staff

You Will Need:

Thick/Corrugated Cardboard





Kitchen Roll (White Paper works too)

Rubber Bands

Metallic Paint (Gold, Red, Black, Bronze, Dark Blue) - We used Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint (Red, Black, Dark Blue) - We used Daler-Rowney 12 Acrylic Paint Set

Paint Brushes


Step 1 – Make the Staff Base from Cardboard Strips:

  • Using scissors, cut out 6 strips of cardboard, approx. 4cm wide and 30cm long. Always get an adult to help when using scissors

  • Place 3 of the cardboard strips to one side for later

  • Take the remaining 3 cardboard strips and place them short end to short end. Make sure the cardboard strips overlap each other by about 2cm on the ends

  • Stick the 3 strips together by pasting PVA glue onto the overlapping ends and press together firmly until dry. You will now have a long staff of cardboard approximately 86cm long

  • Repeat this process to make a second staff of cardboard using the 3 cardboard strips set aside earlier

  • If you wish to make each staff sturdier, you can add more layers of cardboard strips. Paste PVA glue across the entire length of the cardboard staff then layer 3 more cardboard strips along it, overlapping the short ends like earlier. Press down firmly until the glue dries. In total, we layered about 9 strips of corrugated cardboard into each cardboard staff to make them sturdy

  • You will now have two long cardboard staffs approximately 86cm long. These will form the base for the pole of your Cobra Staff.

Step 2 – Add Shape to your Cardboard Staffs with Newspaper:

  • Take one cardboard staff and paste glue along the entire length of one side

  • Take 3 sheets of newspaper and roughly roll them up lengthways together. Stick this to the glued side of your cardboard staff

  • Depending on the size of your newspaper, you may need a few rolls of newspaper sheets to fill the whole length of one of your cardboard staffs. If this is the case, glue the first roll at one end then continue with more rolls (placed end to end) down the length of the staff

  • Repeat with the second cardboard staff.

Snake Staff Template
Download PDF • 28KB

Step 3 – Design the Base of Your Cobra Head:

Alternatively, copy this design of the snake's head
  • Use the template above (Snake Staff Template.pdf) to draw the base of a cobra’s head onto an A4 sheet of cardboard. Note: Always be careful when downloading files from the internet

  • Cut out the cobra’s head by using scissors to cut around the outline. Do not cut out the red lines

  • Score and fold along the red lines

  • Using PVA glue, stick the tabs (marked in orange) to the areas marked in yellow. Press firmly until dry. Alternatively, use Sellotape if you find PVA is not strong enough to hold the cardboard in place

  • Again, we added extra layers of cardboard to make the cobra’s head sturdier. To do this, use the template again but cut out each individual shape (including the red lines). Then Sellotape these shapes into place on your cobra’s head.

Step 4 – Papier Mache Your Staff Pieces:

  • Cut rough strips of newspaper

  • Mix water and PVA glue in a bowl (2 parts glue to 1 part water)

  • Dip the newspaper in the water/glue mixture to coat. Scrape off any excess with your fingers or on the side of the bowl.

  • Apply the wet strip of newspaper to one of your cardboard staffs and smooth down.

  • Repeat this process until both of your cardboard staffs and cobra’s head are covered in a layer of newspaper & water/glue mixture.

  • Leave to dry overnight.

Step 5 – Fix All of your Staff Pieces Together:

  • Paste glue along the flat side of both staff pieces

  • Position one staff piece vertically at the back of your cobra’s head. The short end of your staff piece should be in line with the flat top of your cobra’s head

  • Position the second staff piece on the other side of the cobra’s head. Both lengths of your staff pieces should meet underneath the cobra’s head. The top end of this staff should meet the underside of the cobra’s head

  • Use rubber bands to hold the staff pieces in place until they dry. Press the staff pieces down onto the cobra’s head firmly until dry.

Step 6 – More Papier Mache:

  • Once your staff pieces have dried in place, add at least 2 more layers of Papier Mache using the method described above

  • The more layers of Papier Mache you apply, the tougher your staff will become

  • We did our final two layers of Papier Mache using white kitchen roll (strips of white paper work great too). This will give a plain background for painting

  • Leave each layer to dry overnight

Step 7 – Paint & Decorate Your Cobra Staff:

  • Paint a base layer of gold paint onto your cobra staff

  • Paint a black hand-grip onto your handle approximately 5cm below the cobra’s head.

  • You could also add Egyptian Hieroglyphs in black paint if you want. Not sure what to write? Check out our How to Write in Egyptian Hieroglyphs article for inspiration.

Step 8 – Paint & Decorate Your Cobra’s Head:

  • Paint the teeth at the front of the cobra’s head in red and outline in black

  • Paint the staff handle connected to the front of the cobra’s head in red and outline in black

  • Paint the staff handle connected to the back of the cobra’s head in black

  • Using a pencil and ruler, measure and draw horizontal lines on the front and back of the cobra’s head, approximately 2cm apart. The lines should stretch from the staff handle in the centre to the edge of the cobra’s head. We also did lines on the top of our cobra’s head at an angle to match the edges of the cobra’s head

  • Following these lines, use dark blue paint to paint a striped pattern covering the entire cobra’s head.

Once your Cobra Staff is dry, you can add it to your Pharaoh's burial chamber. Why not try our Mummification Craft Activities too?



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Here are some of the craft materials we used to create our Cobra Staff:

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