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Mythical Monsters from Ancient Greece

If you love hearing about the Ancient Greek Heroes and their battles against the most fearsome creatures imaginable, then you'll love reading about the fiercest Monsters from Ancient Greek mythology:



So tall his head brushes the stars, his lower half was two large snakes, dragon heads instead of fingers & wings that could block out the sun


The most powerful and terrifying monster of Ancient Greek Mythology.

Defeated by:

Zeus, god of the sky, lightning and the thunder and ruler of the gods on Mount Olympus


Zeus threw one hundred lighting bolts at Typhon before throwing him into the pit of Tartarus. Zeus then popped a mountain on top of him to seal him in for good measure!



Head & body of a lion, a snake's head for a tail & a goat's head that pops up on her back


Invincibility & her goat's head breathes fire

Defeated By:

The hero Bellerophon (& the winged horse, Pegasus)


Flying on Pegasus, Bellerophon threw a spear down the Chimera's throat where her fire breath melted the lead spear head and killed her

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