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Viking Longships - Quick Facts

Updated: Jun 27

Vikings are well known for their ability to travel long distances to gather a fortune and search for better land to settle on. Vikings travelled on vessels called Longboats (also known as Longships or Dragon Boats).

Find out more about Longships with these quick facts:


The Vikings used longships for trading, exploring and raiding


Longships were narrow and light making them quick to manoeuvre through water


They had a single sail in the centre of the boat, often shown striped in red and white


In situations of low wind, the crew would row the boat using the oars


Longships had a shallow hull so they could sail in any type of water such as oceans or rivers.


Longships had a dragons head at the front of the boat to intimidate enemies.


Vikings would hang their shields on the side of the boat to protect the hull and save space aboard the deck

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