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Stone Age Primary School Workshop

Have your students got what it takes to survive the Stone Age?


Find out with our Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age workshop.

Imagining History

Imagining History

Imagining History provides award-winning educational history workshops for primary schools that captivate and entertain.


Our interactive half-day or full-day sessions combine role-play, storytelling, demonstrations and drama and performance to bring history to life for your students. 


Each of our extensively researched workshop themes, such as the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt, incorporate on-your-feet activities and high energy performance, allowing every single student to be involved and learn through doing. 


We bring our KS2 workshops to schools all over the North West of England and ensure that our workshops offer excellent value for money.


We can even run two different half-day workshops in one day, for example Stone Age and Vikings or Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, allowing us to cater for any budget.


If you would like a quote for your next workshop please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Three Time Prestige Award Winner

Educational Workshop Provider of the Year

Manchester & the North West


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Educational Workshop Provider of the Year

Manchester & the North West


History Educational Workshop of the Year

Manchester & the North West


Our free history resource blog features articles on all eras of ancient history, including the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Vikings, Romans and more.


Our articles are ideal for Keystage 2 and 3 students, parents and teachers and can help in the classroom or with homework and home learning.

Check out some of our most popular articles:

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