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Stone Age Animals: A Beginner's Guide

Updated: Mar 5

Ideal for KS2 students studying the Stone Age!

Join Laura and Adrian from Imagining History School Workshops as they introduce you to some of the different animals that lived in the Stone Age.

From Sabre Tooth Tigers, to Giant Kangaroos and even Giant Beavers, this beginners guide will leave you excited to learn more about the fascinating - and massive - era of pre-history!

Intro/Outro Music by Mervyn Hill

Music by Bensound.com

Are you a teacher? Yes? Then you'll definitely want Imagining History to bring their 'A Handy Guide to Survive the Stone Age' Interactive workshop to your school.

Our Award-Winning sessions combine role-play, storytelling, demonstrations and drama and performance to bring history to life for your students.

Find out more here!

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