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Stone Age Quiz - Test your Knowledge!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Here we go, it's the very first Imagining History Quiz!

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Stone Age expert? Why not try our tricksy quiz and put your knowledge of the Palaeolithic, the Neolithic, and everything in between to the ultimate test? If you're in Key Stage 2, then this is an ideal quiz for you!

Don't worry if you're not sure on some of the answers, you'll find all the information you need in the history articles located in the Stone Age category of our Blog. There's links to the appropriate page hidden in each question. Just do a spot of research and come back and try again - this time rearmed and ready with the power of knowledge.

Good luck!

Oh, you'll find a link to the answers at the very end of the quiz, no premature peeking though!

Question 1

Here we go, with the first question: What is the Latin name for the middle stone age? Your options are:

Question 2

What was the most popular type of animal to hunt in the Stone Age? Your options are:

A) Woolly Mammoths

B) Sabre Toothed Tigers

C) Fish

D) Bison

Question 3

When was the bow and arrow most likely invented? Your options are?

A) 12,000 years ago

B) 20,000 years ago

C) 50,000 years ago

Question 4

Which is the oldest Stone Age prehistoric site? Your options are:

A) The prehistoric village 'Skara Brae'

B) The iconic site 'Stone Henge'

C) The prehistoric mine 'Grimes Graves'

Question 5

Which of the following ingredients would Stone Age people use to make paint? Choose all the options you think are correct.

A) Rocks

B) Charcoal

C) Animal Blood

D) Spit

E) Animal Fat

Question 6

What were the first necklaces made from? Your options are:

A) Eggs

B) Other people's ears

C) Shells

D) Rocks

Question 7

What was the first human species called? Your options are:

A) Homo Sapiens

B) Homo Habilis

C) Homo Erectus

D) Homo Neanderthalensis

Question 8

What is 'Cordage'? Your options are:

A) A type of porridge

B) A Type of rope

C) A type of spear

Question 9

How long were the longest Woolly Mammoth tusks ever found? Your options are:

A) 12 feet long

B) 16 feet long

C) 20 feel long

Question 10

Were there any dinosaurs in the Stone Age? Your options are:

A) Yes

B) No


Well done, you've finished! Click here to head to the answers page to find out how well you've done! Each correct answer is worth one point. How many points did you score?

1 - 3 : Stone Age Beginner

Not to worry, learning is a journey! Do a spot more reading and then give the quiz another go.

4 - 6: Stone Age Novice

Nice! You've clearly been reading up on the Stone Age. Why not give the quiz another go with all you've learnt? Get yourself a new high score!

7 - 8: Stone Age Veteran

Wow! Good job you! You're are clued up on the Stone Age. Check the answer you got wrong and return to the quiz - can you get full marks?

9 - 10: Stone Age Legend

Yeah! Victory! You are a Stone Age hero, everyone should salute you or, at the very least, give you a high five.


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