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Boudica - Who was she?

Name: Means Victory or Victoria. It probably wasn't even her real name! We might never know what that was...

Married to: The chief of the Iceni Tribe (in Norfolk), Prasutagus.

Motives: When Prasutagus died, the Romans attacked Boudica & her two daughters. Boudica swore revenge.

Rebellion: Boudica led her tribe (& many others) to Colchester while the Roman army was fighting elsewhere. They set fire to the city & killed many people. Her forces even wiped out a Roman Legion (the 9th) in battle, this terrified the Roman population!

Defeat: The Roman Army returned from Wales and defeated her in battle. Although she had more men, the Roman army was better armed and disciplined. Boudica killed herself so she didn't have to surrender to the Romans.

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