Keystage 1 Workshops

Our Keystage 1 drama-history workshops are specifically designed for younger children and linked to the current Keystage 1 curriculum. Run by two practitioners, these workshops include role-play, storytelling and performance activities. Each theme includes interactive activities where every child can take part.


Each Keystage 1 session has a 1 hour run time and a maximum of 30 participants per session.

Keystage 1 Workshop Themes

Can't find what you're looking for? Any of our Keystage 2 workshop themes can also be adaped to suit a Keystage 1 audience. Or request a bespoke theme for your topic.

Castles Keystage 1 Workshop

Discover more about British Castles in this entertaining and engaging workshop for Keystage 1. Topics include:

  • Learning the different parts of the castle and what they are for

  • How to defend a castle against an attack

  • How to successfully beseige an enemy castle

Florence Nightingale Keystage 1 Workshop

Step into Florence Nightingale's hospital with this fun and informative session for Keystage 1. Topics include:

  • The Scutari hospital before Nightingale's arrival

  • The work of Nightingale & her nurses

  • The hospital after Nightingale's improvements

Great Fire of London Keystage 1 Workshop
The Great Fire
of London

Travel back in time to London in 1666 to learn more about the Great Fire in this exciting and educational session for Keystage 1. Topics include:

  • How & where did the fire start

  • Fighting fires in 1666

  • How the people of London reacted

  • Creating better firebreaks - using dynamite