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ANSWERS Victorian Christmas Quiz - A Fun Festive Quiz For All Ages

Finished challenging yourself on our Victorian Christmas Traditions Quiz? Alright, time to check your answers.

Question 1

Where did the Victorians put their presents before they were handed out to be unwrapped?

a. They put them in the stables with horses pretending to be reindeers

b. The put them in a stocking

c. They hung them off the tree like ornaments

d. They hid them around the house

Gifts were hung off the branches of Christmas Trees like decorations. Soon, when the gifts got too big and heavy to hang, people started putting them under the tree like many people do today. Although Queen Victoria herself preferred hers laid out on a table!

Question 2

Is this statement True or False:

Queen Victoria was known to serve roast swan as part of her Christmas Dinner.


Queen Victoria had quite a feast for her Christmas Dinner. She was known to have some pretty out of the ordinary roast meats including the head of a boar, exotic birds and even swans!

Question 3

Name one thing that the first ever Christmas Cracker (invented in the Victorian Era) and a modern Christmas Cracker have in common:

a. They both have to be pulled by two people to be opened

b. They both have jokes inside them

c. They both make a “bang” noise when pulled

d. They both have treats inside them

Tom Smith the sweet-maker wrapped up his confectionary in a twist of coloured paper. This was the earliest version of a Christmas Cracker. Later he added jokes and the all important "bang" noise when pulled.

Question 4

Is this statement True or False:

Mince Pies from the Victorian Era were suitable for vegetarians.


During the Victorian Era, Mince Pies were stuffed with a meaty filling. Not like today's Mince Pies that are filled with delicious sweet fruits.

Question 5

Queen Victoria didn’t just give gifts to her family and friends, who else did she give Christmas presents to?

a. Her servants

b. Her enemies

c. The homeless

d. People in jail

Queen Victoria always got her servants gifts for Christmas. The royal family would gather in the servants living quarters and watch them opening their presents before opening their own.

Question 6

Is this statement True or False:

The Christmas carol Away In A Manger was written during the Victorian Era.


Many of the old Christmas carols were re-written with new words or new notes. But the Victorians loved carolling so much that they wrote a bunch of new songs too, including Away in a Manger, O Come All Ye Faithful, Once In Royal David's City and more.

Question 7

In the Victorian Era, how long after the first postage stamps were invented did Sir Henry Cole start printing the first commercial Christmas Cards?

a. 1 year later

b. 2 years later

c. 3 years later

d. 4 years later

Christmas cards were originally quite expensive to make and post to your loved ones. But with the invention of the first postage stamps, called the "Penny Post", Sir Henry Cole started the mass-production of cards that could be quickly and cheaply sent across the country.

Question 8

Is this statement True or False:

The Victorians traditionally handed out their Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas Day.


For the Victorians, it was the tradition to put up your Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Because Victorians originally decorated their trees with their gifts, it became habit to hand out the gifts on the same day as you'd put up the tree.

Question 9

Which of the following Christmas traditions was NOT made popular by the Victorians in England?

a. Christmas Pudding with lots of alcohol

b. Christmas Markets

c. Boxing Day

d. Indoor Christmas Trees

Christmas Markets actually started in Germany. They were originally December Markets to mark Advent in the 1200's and 1300's. Christmas Markets didn’t become popular in England until the 1990’s!

Question 10

Is this statement True or False:

The invention of factories and steam trains made Christmas gifts really expensive to buy during the Victorian Era.


The Industrial Revolution during the Victorian Era saw the rise of factories churning out tonnes of mass-produced items and the invention of the steam engines for trains to transport these items quickly across the nation. This made gifts easier to find and cheaper to buy.


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