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Famous Ancient Greek City States - Handy Info for KS2 Students

Updated: Oct 5

Find out about some of the best known City States from Ancient Greece.


Known For:

Being one of oldest cities in the world. Athens has stood for over 3400 years.

Patron God:

The Goddess of both war and wisdom, Athena.

Did you Know:

Athens founded democracy, everyone could vote on political issues. Please note: 'everyone' does not include women or the poor or slaves.


Known for:

Having the toughest warriors. There were no walls in Sparta, its fighting citizens were the walls.

Patron God:

The Spartans considered themselves direct descendants of the Demi-god Heracles.

Did you know:

When Spartan boys turned 7 they were sent to military school - the Agoge - to train to be soldiers.


Known for:

Being a city-state made up of three different cities; Lalyssos, Kamiros, and Lindos. Rhodes became a very successful trading port.

Patron God:

Rhodus, the goddess of Rhodes.

Did you know:

Rhodes contained one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world; The Colossus. This was a giant statue of the Sun-god Helios. It was supposedly the same height as the Statue of Liberty!

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