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Roman Cities - A KS2 Guide to the Important Buildings

Updated: Oct 5


The Romans loved entertainment and set up large stadiums called Amphitheatres so that they could go to watch live entertainment.

Amphitheatres are large circular (or oval) open-air stadiums with raised seating around a central space where the ‘entertainment’ would take place.

The entertainment was quite different to what we watch today. The Romans went to watch Gladiator fights where trained men (or slaves & criminals) would fight each other and wild animals, often to the death.


The Forum was a busy market square at the centre of the town or city.

The Forum contained all of the important places of business such as government buildings and law courts.

People didn’t just go to the Forum to browse the shops or buy food. They would go to meet friends, catch up on gossip or listen to important speeches from politician or officials.


Religion was important to the Romans, and like many ancient cultures they worshipped a number of different gods.

They would often build grand temples in their cities where people could worship different gods.

A classic Roman Temple would have a white portico surrounded by lots of columns.

Worship included making offerings of food, flowers and money, killing animals as a sacrifice to please the gods or celebrating religious festivals.

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