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The Ancient Egyptian Gods - Learning Activities for Kids

Updated: Mar 4

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped over 2000 gods and goddesses. They had gods for everything, from washing the dishes to winning in battle! The Ancient Egyptians believed each deity needed to be worshipped to keep the world balanced & running smoothly.

Some of the Ancient Egyptian gods looked like humans, but others had the bodies of humans and the heads of animals or birds. Luckily, these odd looking features makes them easier to remember.

We've scoured the internet and put together a number of fun activities & info pages to introduce you to these gods, learn more about their stories & put your memory to the test too!

Who Are The Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses?

With the thousands of gods that the Egyptians worshipped, it can be easy to get lost in the numerous obscure gods such as Heh, the frog god of infinity or Meretseger the cobra goddess of tomb workers. But there are some famous Gods & Goddesses that were more frequently worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians and are very well known to us today.

Find out all about the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in our brief introduction*.

The Egyptians also had their own story of creation that started with an island called "Ben-Ben" rising out of a sea of chaos.

Remember those Gods:

Now you've been introduced to the key gods from Ancient Egypt, why not put it to the test in this simple matching cards game?

How to Play:

Firstly, print out the images from the link below onto A4 paper, then cut each A4 sheet into 4 cards. Then place each card face down on the table.

Take it in turns to flip over two cards. If a player finds a match, collect the pair of cards and read the facts about the god on them. If the cards do not match, the player flips them back over and play continues until all cards are matched.

The winner is the player that collects the most matched pairs.

Find out more and download the free printable from History's History (link at bottom of page).


Test Your Knowledge:

If you feel like you're well on your way to becoming a master of Ancient Egyptian gods (or perhaps you're looking for something more advanced for your young learners), this next activity from is a test of your knowledge and your memory.

How to Play:

Firstly, print pages 2-6 from the link below onto A4 paper. Cut pages 2-4 into smaller individual cards showing each god's picture, name and description. Mix these cards up and place them face up on the table.

The aim is to match the god's picture with their name and description. Select the cards you think are a match and place them together to one side. If you get stuck, check out the clues written on page 6 of the printable.

Once you are sure you've matched them all, enter the information onto the answer sheet (page 7).

Get Creative:

This next activity is ideal if you're looking for a more creative way to learn about the Ancient Egyptian gods (or perhaps you're done learning and want to want to include them in your play time).

Find your favourite Ancient Egyptian god below and download the printable mask to cut out and wear. Download the "outline" version if you want to get creative and colour your own mask. Or download the "coloured version" to cut out and play instantly.

Printable God Masks from Super Colouring:


Printable Anubis Mask from Super Colouring


Printable Horus Mask from Super Colouring


Printable Ra Mask from Super Colouring


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