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Ancient Egyptian Gods - A Brief Introduction for Kids

Updated: Oct 5



A ram or a man with a ram's head or an ostritch feathered hat.


King of the Egyptian Gods.

Did You Know:

Amun was the most powerful of all the Egyptian Gods. Later he was combined with the sun god Ra (Amun-Ra), to become even more powerful.



Man with a hawk head & Sun Disc headdress.

God of:

The Sun.

Did You Know:

Every night he was swallowed by the sky goddess Nut and reborn each morning. He was the most important god to the Ancient Egyptians.



A mummified man wearing a white cone hat.

God of:

The dead & ruler of the Underworld.

Did You Know:

He was once the ruler of the Earth but was killed by his brother Seth. Once his son Horus avenged him by killing Seth, Horus became ruler of the Earth and Osiris ruler of the Underworld.



A jackal or man with a jackal head (because Jackals were often seen in Egyptian places of rest).

God of:

Embalming and Mummification.

Did You Know:

He helped to embalm Osiris (God of the Dead) when he died, so became the god responsible for watching over the process of mummification.



A hawk or man with a hawk head (Yep - he looks very similar to Ra. Remember Ra always has that big old sun disc on his head too!)

God of:

The sky & ruler of the Earth.

Did You Know:

He lost an eye battling his uncle (Seth) to avenge his dad (Osiris). It was returned to him and he was named protector of Egypt. Pharaohs were believed to be the "Living Horus" because they protected their people - a god in mortal form.

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