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What is the Neolithic? - All the important bits for Key Stage 2

Updated: 4 days ago

Neolithic means the New Stone Age.

When did it start? That would be about 6,000 years ago ish. The date varies from place to place.

Did you know? Farming replaced hunting in the Neolithic. It was a much more reliable way to gather lots of food for your population. Small settlements became much bigger and turned into towns and cities in the New Stone Age.

Here's the important bits:

  • Writing was invented in Sumer, in southern Mesopotamia around 3500 - 3000 BC.

  • Agriculture was a big hit and the latest craze, everyone was doing it!

  • People settled down in one place and made large settlements - some in the Indus Valley were incredibly advanced, they even had basic plumbing.

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