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What is the Mesolithic? - All the Important Bits for Key Stage 2

Updated: Mar 2

The Stone Age is split into three eras; the Palaeolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic.

The Mesolithic Era is also known as the ‘Middle’ Stone Age. This is an accurate name, because it quite literally turned up in the middle; after the Palaeolithic ("Old" Stone Age) and before the Mesolithic ("New" Stone Age). Think of it as the delicious meat filling, sandwiched between the Old and the New Stone Age.

In Britain, the Mesolithic Era began around 8,000BC and ended around 4,500BC.

Here are some interesting things that happened during the Mesolithic Era:

  • The first homes were built in Britain - they were made of stone blocks.

  • First Canoes made - they were not made of stone blocks, that would be silly.

  • People started fishing. That's why most early settlements were built near rivers - to be near to loads of food!

  • The Dog became man’s best friend during the Mesolithic Era. It was a gradual process but after sufficient training and selected breeding, deadly man eating wolves became domesticated.

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