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Roman Britain - A Time Travel Tour

Interactive, drama-history workshop

Travel through time with our workshop practitioners as they take your students through all the important bits of the history of Roman Britain.

In this brand new workshop theme, our experienced practitioners will bring your Roman Britain topic to life by taking your class on a thrilling time-travelling educational adventure.

The workshop will engage, entertain, and educate your students by incorporating drama activities, role-play, live performance, and storytelling.

We utilise the structure and interactivity of a drama workshop to bring history to life for all. This style of workshop ensures that everyone can participate and learn through active doing. Plus, our knowledgeable practitioners ensure the session is filled with fascinating historical facts and illuminating insights.

Your students will use their acting skills to become the visual aids and assist in their peers' learning experience! This guarantees your pupils will have an interactive experience they’ll never forget.

We promise learning, fun, and lots of laughs in ‘Roman Britain: A Time Travel Tour’.

In ‘Roman Britain: A Time Travel Tour', your students will:

  • Travel through time with our workshop practitioners, exploring all of the important parts of the history of Roman Britain. They’ll utilise drama, performance, and roleplay to recreate and visit all of the key moments and figures, including the failed invasion of Julius Caesar, the successful invasion of Emperor Claudius, and the rebellion led by Boudica.


  • Use their acting skills to recreate what life was like during the Romanisation of Ancient Britain. They will recreate their own bathhouse, battle as ferocious gladiators, and build lots and lots of roads. Will the students be able to prove they can be good Roman Citizens in this interactive challenge?


  • Don their imaginary Roman helmets and attempt to quell the rebellion of Boudica. This interactive role-play will put the student's puzzle-solving skills to the test! Can they come up with the perfect plan to defeat the British or will Boudica and her tribes finally vanquish the Romans?


  • Build Hadrian’s Wall using just their bodies! This enormous group role-play will enable all the pupils to participate. Students will learn all about the wall, how and why it was built, and what it looked like, in this epic acting undertaking.


  • Become Roman Senators and put their oratory skills to the test. This debate-style activity will see pupils attempt to convince their peers that they are in the right. This fun activity will ensure the children uncover loads of brilliant Roman facts to remember.


Find out what other teachers think of our workshops:

'A very stimulating and informative session. Even the reluctant/reserved pupils were enthused and confident enough to join in. Thank you.'

 - Hartshead J and I

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National Curriculum Links:
  • The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

  • Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion in 55-54 BC

  • The Roman Empire by AD 42 and the power of its army

  • Successful invasion by Claudius and conquest

  • British resistance, for example, Boudica

  • ‘Romanisation’ of Britain

Roman Britain Keystage 2 drama-history school workshop
Roman Britain Keystage 2 drama-history school workshop
Roman Britain Keystage 2 drama-history school workshop
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