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Viking Mythology: (Un)Traditional Storytelling

Interactive, drama-history workshop.
Workshop Summary

In this award-winning workshop, our experienced practitioners will bring the characters of Viking Mythology to life for your students.

This “fantastic workshop” will take your students on a fun and informative journey through the Norse myths and legends, to help them to better understand the Vikings themselves.

The workshop is structured around a series of storytelling performances, each one enhanced by an interactive activity for the pupils to partake in. This proves “a fantastic way to hook the children into a Vikings topic.”

The session's drama and performance nature, alongside being cram-packed full of learning, guarantees that our workshop is, “A very stimulating and informative session” with “even the reluctant/reserved pupils enthused and confident enough to join in.”

Pupils will be able to take on the roles of fantastical characters; including stoic dwarves, evil frost giants, and furious thunder gods. This will guarantee that “all pupils [are] involved” and that they will be able to “perform some fantastic role play.”

By the end of the session, you too will agree with Baxenden CE Primary, that our Viking Mythology (Un)Traditional Storytelling workshop is “Absolutely fantastic! Very informative and engaging.”

Half-Day and Full-Day sessions available.

This workshop contains the following historical replicas for pupils to handle:

  • Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer

  • Gungnir - Odin's Spearhead

  • Viking Arm Ring


Find out what other teachers think of our workshops:

'It has been a brilliant morning, children engaged throughout the session. Drama activities amazing and great improvisation from Laura and Adrian.'

 - Academy 360

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Mjollnir Thors Hammer Replica
Workshop Activities

In our half-day 'Viking Mythology - (Un)Traditional Storytelling' workshop, your students will:

  • Identify the key Norse Gods by becoming the Gods themselves. Pupils will use their acting prowess to take on the roles of Odin, Freya, and, Thor. They will become the visual aids to assist in their peers’ learning.

  • Forge weapons with the dwarves to outsmart the mischievous Loki. This interactive story will bring to life the tale of how Thor came to have a magical hammer called Mjölnir. The tale will feature some of our stunning historical replicas, including a Viking spear, arm ring and Thor’s fabled hammer itself.

  • Discover the different realms and afterlives and what they can teach us about the values and beliefs of the Vikings. Pupils will recreate the Viking afterlives in this interactive challenge that allows every child to participate.

  • Defeat the Frost Giants with Thor (and find out why he wore a fetching wedding dress). This final story becomes a play in which the pupils are the actors. Students will deliver lines in the role of a lifetime as Thor, Loki, and the villainous frost giants. No experience required, every child is capable of delivering an Oscar winning performance!

National Curriculum Links:
  • The importance of Norse Mythology and how it helps us understand the Vikings

  • Understanding of Viking culture of society

  • Viking Influence on the Anglo Saxons and Britain

  • Story telling through the ages

  • The motivation behind Viking raids and invasion

  • The Norse gods and their influence on Modern Britain

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