How To Be A Viking God -

Meet The Viking Skalds

Interactive, drama-history workshop with costumed characters.

In this award-winning workshop, our experienced practitioners will bring the characters of the Viking Storytellers, or “Skalds”, to life for your students.


With full costume and an “in-and-out-of-character” style, our practitioners will explore the ancient Norse tales of heroism, betrayal, battle and laughter. Your students will:

  • Identify the key Norse Gods by becoming the Gods themselves.

  • Forge weapons with the dwarves to outsmart Loki.

  • Discover the different realms and afterlives and what they can teach us about the values and beliefs of the Vikings.

  • Defeat the Frost Giants with Thor (and find out why he wore a fetching wedding dress).


Find out what other teachers think of our workshops:

'It has been a brilliant morning, children engaged throughout the session. Drama activities amazing and great improvisation from Laura and Adrian.'

 - Academy 360

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National Curriculum Links:
  • The importance of Norse Mythology and how it helps us understand the Vikings

  • Understanding of Viking culture of society

  • Viking Influence on the Anglo Saxons and Britain

  • Story telling through the ages

  • The motivation behind Viking raids and invasion

  • The Norse gods and their influence on Modern Britain

Imaginig History Viking Mythology - Meet the Skalds
Imaginig History Viking Mythology - Meet the Skalds

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