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Who Were The Anglo-Saxons? - A Brief Introduction for Kids

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Need a quick introduction to the Anglo-Saxons? Here are some rapid fire facts to get you in the know.

Who were they?:

The Anglo-Saxons were a mix of tribes called the Jutes, Angles & Saxons from Germany, Denmark & the Netherlands.

What did they do?:

They invaded Britain and created their own kingdoms.

When did they arrive?:

They came to Britain when the Romans left around 410 AD and claimed the land to be 'Angle-land' (or England!)

Where did they settle?:

The Jutes settled in Kent, the Angles settled in East-Anglia and the Saxons settled in Wessex, Sussex and Essex.

You can find out more about the Kingdoms that Anglo-Saxons made in these regions by clicking here.


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